My Einstein: Essays by Twenty-four of the World's Leading Thinkers on the Man, His Work, and His Legacy

Brockman, John

Albert Einstein's bold mark on our understanding of the world, which has persisted now for more than a century, shows no sign of fading. On the contrary, Einstein and his work promise to inspire, enlighten, and confound us for decades-indeed, for centuries-to come. In this fascinating volume, today's foremost scientists discuss their own versions and visions of Einstein: how he has influenced their worldviews, their ideas, their science, and their professional and personal lives. These twenty-four essays are a testament to the power of scientific legacy and are essential reading for scientist and layperson alike. Contributors include: • Roger Highfield on the Einstein myth • John Archibald Wheeler on his meetings with Einstein • Gino C. Segrè, Lee Smolin, and Anton Zeilinger on Einstein's difficulties with quantum theory • Leon M. Lederman on the special theory of relativity • Frank J. Tipler on why Einstein should be seen as a scientific reactionary rather than a scientific revolutionary

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